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2021 in UK Google Searches

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Martin Armstrong

Each year, Google reveals its biggest trending search queries over the previous twelve months. Looking at all searches in the UK compared to last year, 'Covid vaccine' and 'lockdown' were naturally among the biggest trending queries of 2021. As this infographic shows, one of the nation's comforts through the periods of social restrictions was seemingly the TV show 'Love Island', with the questions 'when will Love Island start/finish' similarly popular to people wanting to know when the lockdown will be ended.

Also dominating our screens and our internet searches was the massive hit series 'Squid Game'. The Netflix show is accompanied by series such as Bridgerton and Line of Duty at the top of the list. Bringing things firmly back to reality, the trend in searches for 'Sarah Everard' and 'Afghanistan' are reminders of some of the more serious events of 2021.

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