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Overwhelming Supports for Banning Single-Use Plastics

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

On February 28, the fifth United Nations Environment Assembly will begin in Nairobi, Kenya. As part of the conference, the world's governments will discuss the path towards the first global agreement to tackle plastic pollution.

A survey published by Ipsos shows that there is in fact overwhelming global support for such measures - an average of three-quarters of respondents across 28 countries strongly agree or tend to agree with banning single-use plastics as soon as possible. Support is strong in Latin American countries as well as in China and India, while in the U.S., only about half are in favor. The lowest level of support is found in Japan. The study was carried out among more than 20,000 interviewees in 28 countries.

Among the countries with the most supporters are Colombia (89%), Chile (88%), China (84%) and India (83%). These last two are also among the countries which generated the largest amounts of single-use plastic waste in 2019, according to the Minderoo Foundation's Plastic Waste Manufacturers Index. The other two major plastic waste generators identified by Minderoo are the United States and Japan, showing that among the biggest producers, opinions diverge somewhat.

The survey also addresses the importance of having a binding international treaty to combat plastic pollution. On average, 88 percent of people surveyed believed it was essential, very important, or fairly important to have such an agreement.

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