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2022 in UK Google Searches

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Martin Armstrong

Each year, Google reveals its biggest trending search queries over the previous twelve months. While in 2021 'Covid vaccine' and 'lockdown' were among the biggest trending queries in the UK, 2022 threw up a whole new set of issues. Common questions such as 'is the Queen dead?' and 'why is Russia invading Ukraine' paint a picture of some of the main concerns experienced during the year.

On the lighter side of life, the viral word game Wordle was the biggest trending search in the country, while TV/streaming entertainment sensations such as Stranger Things and The Watcher may also conjure up positive memories from 2022. If you're not one of the many that seemingly googled the age of Diana Ross, we can save you some time: She turned 78 on 26 March.

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