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China Dominates the Antibiotics Market

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Martin Armstrong

Global exports of antibiotics originate predominantly from China - as shown in this infographic based on data from the International Trade Center (ITC). China currently accounts for 42.4 percent of global antibiotic exports by value. Italy, India and Switzerland follow far behind.

For years, experts have been warning of the EU's dependence on antibiotic supplies from abroad, especially China and India. This dependence is not only limited to antibiotics, but affects - also for many years - a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including cortisone, for example.

In addition, the world is facing another, increasingly significant problem: More and more bacteria are developing resistance to common antibiotics. As a result, there is now a pressing need for drugs that are specifically effective against resistant germs. Most of the antibiotic classes introduced in the 21st century do just that. However, research into these active substances is often not profitable and risky for the industry; because drugs that specifically act against resistant germs are not used across the board, but only as so-called "second-line" or "last-line" antibiotics (reserve antibiotics) - as a last resort when the established drugs are no longer effective.

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