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Creating a Nice Funnel Chart! Excel Create and Learn.

Funnel Chart can be very useful to show stages and proportions in the sales process. Despite its importance, creating a nice Funnel Chart in Excel can be little tricky. In this step-by-step you will be able to create a nice one, following the example below.

Excel funnel chart pipeline for sales dashboard

1 - Type the data below.

2 - With the cells selected Go to "Insert" tab, "Charts" group, 3-D Stacked Column.

3 - With the chart selected, click in the option "Switch Row/Column".

 4 - Right click the Vertical axis on the chart and select "Format Chart Area", Select "Effects" and change the "X Rotation" and "Y Rotation" to "0" as the image below.

5 - Right Click any Series (bar items) and select "Format Data Series". Go to "Series Options" and  set the "Gap Depth" to 150%, "Gap Width" to 80%, and select the "Full Cone" option.

6 - Right click the "Vertical Axis" and select "Format Axis". Go to "Axis Options" and check the option "Values in reverse order".

7 - Go to "Chart Elements" and let just the "Legend / Bottom" selected.

8 - Select the series and change the colors as your preferences.

 9 - Select each series and change the "Shape Outline" color to light grey and the weight to 3pt.

10 - If you want you can insert the "Chart Title" and "Data Labels" as the image below.

11 - To give it a "Round Edge" effect, go to "Format Chart Area", "Effects", "3-D Rotation" and set the "Perspective" as 15.

 12 - Congratulations! You have created a Customized Funnel Chart! This is a useful, nice and professional look!

Excel funnel chart pipeline for sales dashboard

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