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India's 2021 Monsoon Deficit

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

The Indian monsoon season of 2021 brought either too little or too much rain all at once. In the fourth and final month of the monsoon in September, many regions experienced previously missing rains - normalizing the overall rain tally but also causing deadly floods. Major deficits in Eastern India as well as in Jammu and Kashmir remained.

Our map with data from the Indian Meteorological Department shows an overview of where the biggest deficits and excess rainfall occurred. The data shows that five states still experienced the equivalent of seven weeks out of the current season’s 18 where rain volumes were at least 60 percent deficient. In the other weeks, deficient and excess rain balanced each other out towards an expected result.

Four more states experienced a moderate deficit where in the equivalent of four to six weeks rainfall volumes lacked by 60 percent or more. Only three states reported any excess rains.

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