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Surging Growth in UK Electric Car Demand

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Martin Armstrong

Reacting to the new UK car registration figures from SMMT back in March, Chief Executive Mike Hawes said: "The past year has been the toughest in modern history and the automotive sector has, like many others, been hit hard."

Despite the clear crisis the Covid-19 pandemic has caused for the industry, there are certain types of car which are still seeing growing demand. As this infographic with the latest figures as of 31 October shows, demand for petrol and diesel cars has shrunk by 15 and 46 percent compared to 2020, respectively. Cars powered to some degree by electricity have weathered the pandemic storm, posting growth of 86 percent for vehicles powered solely by batteries, 90 percent for plug-in-hybrids and 36 percent for hybrids.

On this point, Hawes commented in January: "With manufacturers bringing record numbers of electrified vehicles to market over the coming months, we will work with government to encourage drivers to make the switch, while promoting investment in our globally-renowned manufacturing base – recharging the market, industry and economy."

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