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The Biggest Springboards for NBA Careers

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Florian Zandt

On June 23, the 30 NBA teams will choose the rookie class of 2022 at the annual NBA Draft. According to an analysis of the most reliable online mock drafts by, the Orlando Magic will most likely select forward and Auburn freshman Jabari Smith with their first pick, followed by Gonzaga's Chet Holmgren being selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Duke's Paolo Banchero going to the Houston Hornets.

Out of the top 14 picks, two other draft prospects are currently playing for Banchero's college located in Durham, North Carolina. As our chart shows, Duke University ranks among the top three U.S. universities when it comes to currently active players in the NBA by the end of the '21/'22 season.

While Duke currently supplies the most popular professional basketball league with 21 players, among them stars like Kyrie Irving or Jayson Tatum and important role players like Austin Rivers and Seth Curry, the first spot in this ranking goes to the University of Kentucky in Lexington. As of the past season, 29 players from the college actively played in the NBA. For example, Minnesota Timberwolves' franchise player, Karl-Anthony Towns, spent his college years at Kentucky as well as Anthony Davis, John Wall and Phoenix Suns leading man Devin Booker.

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