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The Most Desired Christmas Gifts

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Anna Fleck

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, especially when it comes to gifts. A 2021 survey by YouGov found that of their British respondents, the festive season’s primary stressors included thinking about what Christmas presents to buy, how much those gifts would cost, and the act of having to go Christmas shopping in itself.

To ease off some of the shopping panic, it could be useful to know what the most widely desired gifts are this year. New data from Statista’s Global Consumer Survey (Christmas and Holiday Season: UK) has found that when asked which gifts Brits would personally most like to receive, the most popular option across the total sample was money: 44 percent of UK respondents opted for cash or bank transfers as something they would be happy to receive, followed by 40 percent choosing clothing, textiles or shoes and 39 percent choosing cosmetics, perfume or bodycare. Respondents could choose multiple options in the poll.

When looking at a breakdown of the data for males and females, however, while there is a fair bit of overlap, some slight differences do emerge. As our chart shows, more than half of women (55 percent) opted for cosmetics, perfume or body care, versus only 23 percent of men. Meanwhile, a greater share of men (22 percent) said they would like to receive computer-related gifts in comparison to the survey’s female respondents (only 7 percent). According to this data, travel-related gifts were also slightly more popular among women (21 percent versus men at 12 percent) as well as event tickets (28 percent versus men at 19 percent).

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