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The States With the Most Athletes in the Olympics

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

The leanest state in the U.S. is also known to be one of the sportiest. It is therefore no surprise that Colorado is the state with the most athletes in this year’s Olympic Summer Games. Almost 6 in one million Coloradans are competing in Tokyo for the U.S. team. Among athletes with hometowns in Colorado are discus thrower Valarie Allman, a one-time world champion from Longmont, and skeet shooter Amber English from Colorado Springs, who bagged a gold medal on Monday.

Around five in every million Hawaiians made it to the Olympics this year, the second highest score, followed by four in every million Nevadans. Among the Hawaiians on Team USA are four volleyballers and beach volleyballers, two surfers and two skateboarders.

Seven more states sent around three athletes per million inhabitants, among them Alaska, Massachusetts, Arizona and California. No Olympic athletes hail from Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and West Virginia this year.

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