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The World's Best Hospitals

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Florian Zandt

Five of the ten best-rated hospitals in the world are located in the United States. As data from a joint analysis by Statista and Newsweek shows, only one of the top 10 spots is occupied by a hospital not located in North America or Europe.

The hospital in question is Sheba Medical Center, founded in 1948 in Ramat Gan, a city in Israel's Tel Aviv District. Coming in at number one, two and three, respectively, are the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland and Harvard's university hospital Massachusetts General in Boston. In 2019, the United States had roughly 6,100 hospitals in service, the third-largest number among major OECD countries after Japan and Colombia. All hospitals in the U.S. combined amassed roughly $1.3 trillion in care expenditures in 2020 according to data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

To identify the world's best hospitals, Statista conducted surveys of over 80,000 medical professionals across 27 countries. Additional research on patient surveys and hospital performance data was supplied in a joint effort by Newsweek and Statista.

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