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Top U.S. New Year's Resolutions for 2022

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Martin Armstrong

According to Statista's Global Consumer Survey, 39 percent of U.S. adults will have made New Year's resolutions for 2022. Almost two weeks down though, and there is likely a fair share for which the optimism has already given way to reality. Looking at the most common resolutions, health is a clear thread running through most of them. Almost half said they wanted to exercise more in 2022, while eating healthier and losing weight were also the choice of 4 in ten respondents.

So far, so traditional, but with 21 percent, a resolution for modern times: One in five said they wanted to spend less of their time on social media. As the Statista Digital Economy Compass 2021 already showed us, peak social media may already be behind us. If this is to become one of those rare resolutions which the majority of people actually end up keeping, 2022 could end up continuing the downward trend.

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