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Where Americans Get Their Stream On

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Felix Richter

With the entry of tech and media giants such as Disney and Apple, the U.S. video streaming landscape has gotten a lot more competitive over the past few years. Industry veteran Netflix still holds the pole position, however, despite Disney in particular having quickly built a sizeable user base in less than two years since its launch.

According to findings from Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, 79 percent of Americans who paid for any type of digital video content over the past twelve months subscribed to Netflix at some point during the same timeframe. Amazon Prime Video is hot on Netflix’s heels at 60 percent, even though it’s hard to compare the two as Amazon Prime Video is part of the broader Prime program that gives Amazon customers a whole range of benefits.

At 55 and 52 percent, respectively Hulu and Disney+ are also very popular, with the latter figure especially impressive considering that Disney+ was only launched in November 2019. Apple TV+ made its debut in the same month and was only used by 20 percent of the survey respondents.

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