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Where People Are Most Comfortable Sharing Their Data

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

According to an international poll released by Ipsos, Indians are the nationality most comfortable among 20 countries surveyed to share their data online in return for personalized services and products. 69 percent of Indians between the ages of 16 and 74 said they were okay with providing companies who asked for it with their data.

In comparison, only 41 percent of Germans and 33 percent of Japanese were comfortable with the same situation. Ipsos said that anxiety about the misuse of data provided online had risen by 8 percent globally since 2013. Despite that fact, willingness to provide data online has also risen by 7 percent in the same time frame, as more and more people also see the advantages of personalized online services.

The report also noted that concerns about personal data ending up in the wrong hands were not highest today but in the early 1990s, before the internet took hold. Back then, 66 percent of people globally reported these concerns.

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