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Climbing the Ladder in the Global Innovation Race

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Felix Richter

Published annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Global Innovation Index (GII) ranks countries based on their innovation capabilities and outcomes. While the focus with rankings like this is usually on the highest-ranked countries – in this case Switzerland, the United States and Sweden – some countries have been making significant strides in the GII rankings in recent years.

Botswana made the biggest leap in the 2022 ranking, after investing heavily in innovation and technology, with a focus on developing its education system and promoting entrepreneurship. The country's efforts have paid off, as it gained 20 ranks in the latest GII rankings compared to the previous year, making it one of the top performers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Saudi Arabia is another example of a country that has been making significant investments in innovation, with a focus on developing its technology and knowledge-based economy. The country's Vision 2030 plan includes a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, which has helped to boost its rankings in the GII by 15 places in 2022.

Overall, the countries making strides in the GII rankings are those that have recognized the importance of innovation and have made significant investments in research and development. These countries are likely to continue to rise in the GII rankings in the coming years, as those investments tend to pay off over time.

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