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iPhone Components Are Developed All Over the World

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Anna Fleck

Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro is a remarkable feat of international cooperation. With its battery developed by the China-based company Sunwoda Electronic, the display by Samsung and LG from South Korea, and the glass casing by Corning from the USA, the iPhone unites the work of companies from around the globe. On further inspection, you’ll find that the microchips are designed by third-party manufacturers, the flash memory is developed by Kioxa from Japan, and the display port interface is from NXP Semiconductors in the Netherlands.

The iPhone is the cash cow of Apple’s entire organization, with around half of the company's turnover being brought in by the signature product. But much like every other tech giant, in order to remain competitive, Apple is constantly on the lookout for ways to diversify. In 2021, the company’s entertainment division, iTunes and Apple TV, accounted for a 19 percent share of sales. Their smart speakers and wearables - such as their Apple Watch - have also seen growth in recent years. Meanwhile, the shares brought in by their Macs and iPads has remained relatively consisten, at around 10 percent.

As data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey shows, the iPhone’s popularity varies greatly from country to country, with Apple's bestseller particularly favored in Australia, Switzerland and the USA.

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