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Renewables Rise in Australia

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Willem Roper

Renewable energy is proving to be the dominant fuel of the near future, with countries and industries across the world evolving to wind, solar, hydro and other energies at various paces. The continent and country of Australia, new data shows, is quickly moving toward a renewable-dominant fuel infrastructure, with wind and solar energies gaining space among traditional fuels like coal and gas.

In data collected by Bloomberg from the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, wind and solar energy on the continent make up 7 percent each of the total energy used. Added with 5 percent of energy coming from hydroelectric sources and you have renewable energy occupying nearly 20 percent of all total energy use. Coal power still dominates the country, taking up 56 percent of all fuel used; following at some distance behind is gas fuel at roughly 21 percent.

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