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The Best Sandwiches in the World

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

The sandwich is a highly versatile food item and popular all over the world. Website Taste Atlas has published a ranking of the best sandwiches in the world according to food industry professionals and critics. The Turkish Tombik Döner – a variety of the Döner Kebab served in a round flatbread – was the critics’ top choice at a rating of 4.7/5, ahead of Peru’s Butifarra chili ham sandwich, Argentina’s sandwich de lomo (i.e. steak), New York’s Spiedie skewered meat bun and Vietnam’s pork belly Banh Mi – all rated 4.6/5.

South American sandwiches occupy two out of the top 5 ranks. In the top 10, there are another three sandwiches from the region, making 50 percent of the ten highest-ranked sandwiches Latin American. The secret to the region’s sandwich success is in most cases grilled or breaded meat, a sure way to make a sandwich stand out, like three Argentina entries in the top 10 show.

The highest-rated U.S. sandwich employs the same method. The lesser-know Spiedie is nevertheless a critics’ favorite with its chunks of skewered, marinated and grilled meats served in an Italian roll. The name is derived from the Italian word spiedo meaning cooking spit and the sandwich originated in Binghamton in Southern Tier New York state. The Lobster roll – another East Cost favorite – ranks sixth, while seafood is also the star of the show in Sweden’s Toast Skagen – an open-faced sandwich featuring shrimp, roe, dill and mayonnaise.

Some more U.S. entries that received a nod from the critics are the Cuban sandwich (rank 11), the Reuben (rank 20), the Philadelphia Cheesesteak (rank 21) and Pastrami on Rye (rank 24). While Taste Atlas classifies chicken burgers and sandwiches as sandwiches, classic beef hamburgers are placed in their own category and do not feature in the sandwich ranking.

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