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Which Nations Are Considering Electric Vehicles?

This article is published in collaboration with Statista

by Katharina Buchholz

Only 22 percent of adults surveyed for the Statista Global Consumer Survey in the United States said that an electric vehicle would be an option for them when buying a new car. This puts the country behind many other nations, as a look at our chart shows. Nations in Asia, for example South Koreans and Indians were much more enthusiastic about purchasing an EV, while the Swiss and Brits were among the more enthusiastic in Europe.

While price incentives and a good charging infrastructure can certainly convince some to purchase electric, the size of a country and the distances usually driven also play a role. While the U.S. is home to a comparably large share of the global EV fleet and sales of new electric vehicles reached a 5-percent share of all car sales in late 2021, the U.S. passenger vehicle stock is still less than 1 percent electric.

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